Ted Schaal

Almost everyone has a special object or momento they treasure. My Bronze and stainless steel treasuries define a space for such things. When one opens a containers lid, an interaction with its contents can begin. When the contents are returned and the lid is closed, that interaction is punctuated. Everyday interaction can become meaningful rituals. These designs elevate your special objects to the realm of being sacred, enhancing your personal relationships with your treasures.

I am exploring minimalist nonfunctional vessels for my latest sculptures. My goal is to find pure geometric forms that challenge me as an artist. A departure from the purely ornate, these new designs incorperate a coarse corrugated texture to achieve their primitive aesthetic. These pieces can be placed indoors or outdoors to enhance any environment. I hope that you will enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy creating them.

Website: www.schaalart.com


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