Pam Conrad

From a tiny periwinkle juniper berry underfoot to the luminous red of desert towers I have always found inspiration for my art in nature. My focus is not limited to a certain subject but changes as interests shift. At times the ground we walk upon is as fascinating as the distant landscapes of mountain and sky. I spend many hours in the outdoors continuously absorbing the colors, forms and textures of my environment. Often times the world of nature and the civilized world come in contact. I don’t attempt to eliminate the interplay between the two in my paintings but enjoy including it and its associated sense of whimsy. My goal is to express the beauty found in nature, to make my visual experiences and interpretation of them available in my art. Living in the San Juans of Colorado provides daily visual experiences I strive to capture.

Over time I have developed numerous techniques to capture the diverse qualities of my subject matter. Intarsia or relief is a three dimensional, sculptural painting requiring cut pieces of wood which are carved, sculpted, painted and then finally placed in layers on a base. Lower profile relief such as seen in my lichen images requires work with various textures and gels. Flatwork is often achieved with multiple acrylic washes used much like watercolor. I also enjoy using many techniques gained from my background as a decorative painter.

I paint in my studio, not directly from nature. I enjoy the use of a digital camera to record images from my hikes. In the studio the camera’s image is used as an aid to the creative image seen in my mind to form the final image as seen in a painting.

I am a self taught, lifetime artist who continues to enjoy classes and learn from other artists.



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